Finding talented, passionate, and committed teachers, assistants, and staff isn’t like putting an advert

in the café window to ask for a fry cook. The education profession requires careful screening,

excellent recruiting, and a good match between applicant and environment. It takes time and

talent—and that’s where Eduplace comes in.

Eduplace is a unique recruitment service, dedicated to finding the best education professionals

and matching them with the right positions. We have the connections and experience to help

potential employers and employees make the right decisions and create strong teams to

educate our children.

Why Work With Eduplace For Your School Recruitment?

Outstanding Candidates – Thanks to our contacts, we can recruit highly skilled and enthusiastic

educators, helping you hire right the first time and saving money and frustration.

Latest Technology - By utilizing the latest tech advances in the industry, we quickly and easily

reduce the overall cost per hire.

Unprecedented Reach - We have years of experience partnering with schools worldwide.

Wherever your school is located, we can find staff to work there.

Streamlined Process - We offer customized recruiting reports on candidates so you can quickly

look at the possibilities and find the applicants that match your needs exactly.